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Short CV

Speaker / Prof. Ken Nakajima


Prof. Ken Nakajima



Dr. Nakajima completed his doctorate in applied physics with the development and application of various types of scanning probe microscope (SPM) to polymeric materials at the University of Tokyo, Japan, under the supervision of Prof. Toshio Nishi, in 1997. After a post doctorate in RIKEN, Japan, he joined Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, in 2003, where he directed his research to the basic study of rubber elasticity and rubber reinforcement using atomic force microscope (AFM). This led to the development of AFM-based nanomechanics in 2005. In 2008, he moved to WPI-Advanced Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan, as Associate Professor. Then, he was promoted to be Professor in Tokyo Institute of Technology from 2015, where he has continued the application of AFM nanomechanics to various types of polymeric materials including thermoplastic elastomers and plastics as well as rubbery materials. In 2013, he succeeded to develop nanorheology AFM, which enables us to visualize nanoscopic dynamic properties such as loss tangent at the interface between rubber and filler. From 2000 to 2023, he got some awards successively, such as 2021 Society Award from The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science, 2020 Fernley H. Banbury Award from Rubber Division of American Chemical Society, and so on. He published 186 papers with 4,444 citations, which results in the h-index of 36.